Les officiers (2009 - 2010)

President: Christopher Peter

Vice President (Cultural Awareness, International Student Assembly, Spring Colors Festival, and Bénin Pen Pals): Sophia Srinivasan
Vice President (Homecoming and Benin fundraising): Abby Geisel
Vice President (Festival of the Arts and "Au revoir les cours!"): Emily Edwards
Vice President (National French Week and French Toast Program): Lauren Ritter
Treasurer: Jen Karlovits
Historian: Dolly Malik
Public Relations: Gina Morrone
Secretary: Allison Hoffman

Christopher Peter
Bienvenue, et merci pour pour visiter le site du cercle francais.  I am the President of French Club for the 2009-2010 school year. I have great confidence in all of the French Club officers to make this year a fantastic year. We have some great activities planned for this year that I am sure will be very enjoyable. Two years ago I went, with school, on a trip trip to France and it has given me a much stronger determination to learn French as well as share what I have learned with others. Something about me other than the fact that I love the French language, culture, and especially food is that I enjoy being physically active playing sports like tennis and ultimate frisbee.  Lastly, I like spending time with my friends and just having fun, this is my main goal for French Club, to make the activities we do fun for both the members as well as the officers, after all isn't that the reason we are doing this.

Sophia Lee Srinivasin
Bonjour tout le monde, et bienvenue au cercle francais pour 2009! I am the Vice President of Cultural Awareness, International Student Assembly, the Spring Colors Festival, and Benin Pen Pals.  I am excited to get started, as well as elated to find that for once, my title is longer than my name. This year, our Cultural Awareness activities will revolve around a few goals: 1) Making sure the international students have the best possible experience at PHS; 2) Establishing regular correspondence with students in Benin; and 3) Sharing our cultural learning experiences effectively with elementary school students.  See you at our first meeting!

Jen Karlovits
I'm the treasurer of French Club/ Honors Society for the second year in a row, and I am looking forward to again managing the finances of the clubs.  I am certain that our fundraisers can be even more successful than last year. I decided to take French when I realized that it was perfect for me because I love fashion and food, and as the rest of the world knows, they are the best at both of these.  I also love all things British, John Hughes movies, and The Office.  In my free time, I enjoy running 5Ks and track at the High School. 

Emily Edwards

Bonjour! I'm Emily. I'm Vice President in charge of Festival of the Arts and Au Revoir Les Cours.  I can't wait to get started on my events, and I am positive they will be fantastic! As every other officier here, I love foreign languages.  Foreign culture has always been an interest of mine, so French club is perfect for me. I am mainly involved in the arts (hence why my activites for this year are A-wing material).  I like photography, doing make-up for the school plays, coffee, and magic.  Let's be honest, I am not very good at writing bios, but I am whimsical and every club needs whimsy.  C'est la vie.