Le service communitaire

French Toast Kids | Allentown Boys and Girls Club: volunteering at the Allentown Boys and Girls Club, teaching language and culture-based lessons weekly during the school term.
Parkland Elementary World Language Experience: Parkland school district EWLE program, members teach ten weeks of language lessons twice annually in conjunction with other languages.

Benin Educational Fund: Aiding students in Benin, West Africa by providing funds for continued education.

À l'école

International Student Assembly: Meeting and interviewing first-year Parkland students and faculty from around the world with a school assembly.

National French Week: A week-long selection of various French and francophone-based activities to encourage knowledge and awareness of the French program.

Spring Colors Festival: 
Cultural Awareness Club-sponsored event in which French Club participates with activities to teach French and francophone cultural diversity to elementary-aged students in a daylong festival.

Au Revoir Les Cours
:  An event held by French Club at the end of the school year.  Students bring food  to contribute to the dinner  and other special activities will be announced as the school year proceeds.

Sur Internet

Bénin Pen Pals: Email and videoconference-based correspondence with the former students of our co-advisor, Mme Noel Smith, in Bénin, Africa. Click here to access the Bénin Pen Pals webpage.