Current Activity

This activity is for officers only.

Collaborate with your partner(s) and start to email back and forth with your pen pal.  Obtain the following information by mid-September:

-Pen pal's contact info besides email (skype ID, yahoo ID if they use it, instant messaging screen name)
-The best time to instant message/skype your pen pal
-Does your pen pal have a webcam available for them to use on skype?
-Biographical information on your pen pal.  What school did they go to, when did they meet Mme Smith, what are their hobbies, what are their plans for the future.
-Your pen pal's photograph (see Chris's email for an example of the photograph and biograph)

When you email your pen pal, be sure to:
-Introduce yourselves (grade, hobbies, etc...)
-Explain that you are a member of the CF or SHF, which is advised by Mme Smith
-Explain that our club's goal is to establish a regular correspondence with him/her as well as with six other former students of Mme Smi

Bénin Pen Pals

7 groups of students, each led by one officer from Le Cercle Francais and one officer from La Societe Honoraire de Francais, will correspond regularly with Madame Smith's former students in Bénin, Africa via Skype, Facebook, Instant Messaging, and email. The groups will begin with their assigned students and rotate every few months, so that everyone will have the chance to correspond with each of the students. Click on the student's name to learn more about him/her!
Group 1: Donatien Mello
Leaders: Emily Edwards (CF) & Tyler Coulton (SHF)

Group 2: Arnaud Babayedjou
Leaders: Chris Peter (CF) & Varun Gupta (SHF)

Group 3: Romain Denon 
Leaders: Sophia Lee Srinivasan (CF) & Camille Houferak (SHF) & Dolly Malik (CF and SHF)

Group 4: Balogoun Koudous
Leaders: Gina Morone (CF) & Sam Silverberg (SHF)

Group 5: Alain Kedote
Leaders: Jen Karlovits (CF and SHF) & Allison Hoffman (SHF)

Group 6: Bertrand Sedagondji
Leaders: Abby Geisel (CF) & Angela Miller (SHF)

Group 7: Didier Ahousassou
Leaders: Lauren Ritter (CF) & Jack Huang (SHF)

The Students from Bénin

Arnaud Babayedjou

My name is Arnaud Babayedjou. I am from Cotonou, Bénin, Africa. I live with my mother,brothers and sisters.My father was died when I was 10 years. I enjoy playing volley ball, tennis, swimming and dancing.I dance waltz, tango and chacha.I like to be outside and be with my friends. My favorite subjects are,sciences  and History, I also love to travel and see the world. After high school I would like to become lawyer. I would like to have a career in international business when I am older.
Thank you.